Trainers - SQUAD Hour
Kristaps Strods
Kristaps is a physical fitness coach, a fan of track and field athletics and the head of SQUAD Hour club. He exhausts himself in sprints, running to the limit of his abilities, but during work with clients it is important for him to provide the maximum possible experience that a client can receive from their training session. It is important for Kristaps to have the client positively charged when they leave the gym and wishing to return. As experience shows, and Kristaps has an extensive body of experience, the person motivates themselves by feeling like they can do more, wiser and better.
Beate Streiķe
Beate helps a client to notice what can be done now, as well as see what they will be able to do tomorrow. When conducting strength and endurance training, Beate urges customers to reach the limits of their capacity. After training sessions, Beate bids farewell to customers who are happy to have done more. If you find yourself within the comfort zone - run! You know that you can do more.
Madars Frīdmanis
Madars knows team and individual sports from within and knows how to prepare your physical condition for the desired result and specific nature of the type of sport. Madars is moving towards perfection, which, as a rule, is three steps beyond the comfort zone. Being a passionate motorsports athlete, Madars favours agility, balance and reaction speed exercises. A strong body and sharp mind not only provide results in the gym, but in life as well.
Arta Zaņuka
And Omm to you, too.
Arta specialises in mental classes, including BODYART, yoga and Pilates. Arta’s approach is well considered, structured and methodologically sound, enabling participants to reach an energised and harmonic body condition, as well as a clear mind. Regular and consistent movement is Arta’s key to joy and balance. Her hobby is diving, and her life motto is – aim for the stars or everything that is positive. During her sessions she helps to surrender and dive, to breathe out and to inhale the positive.
Aleksejs Kušpelo
Aleksejs is the person who will make you feel at home in the club! If you need encouragement and support, you have found your coach! He especially enjoys high-intensity group classes and circuit workouts, which discharge you physically and provide a new burst of energy. Aleksejs will also make sure that you don’t forget to take a sip of water and find new friends during your training. Be here, get involved, let yourself go and Aleksejs will take care of everything else.
Deniels is a professional functional fitness athlete and coach – a true superstar. He pays maximum attention to each of your movements and carefully weighs each and every next step. If you are looking for a cross-training and boxing master, who will inspire and test the limits of your abilities – Deniels is waiting for you here!
Emīls Pavlovs
You don’t want to hear it, but you know it perfectly - the result comes with perseverance and regular exercise. Emīls does not play around, he is there for you to do more, and a bit more again. Excuses? No excuses! Emīls specialises in strength exercise and health promoting physical activities. He knows that sports improve health and productivity in all areas, and he will get you there.
Reinis Rudzītis
Reinis has an utterly serious approach and iron grip. And it is not just because Reinis participates in arm wrestling championships. Reinis helps you to achieve perfectly smooth movements, firm posture and strong muscles. Reinis is aware that he has the opportunity to improve the quality of his clients’ lives in his hands, and he approaches this task like a grand master. It doesn’t matter, whether you are 7 or 97 years old, it is important to move and do it correctly.
Zanda Zariņa Rešetina
Zanda emphasises comprehensive physical preparation to ensure that the heart is strong, posture is correct, body is firm and movements are smooth. Zanda helps to reach the set objectives by mixing strength, functional, endurance, physiotherapeutic and cardio exercises. There will be no routine or predictability. Simply trust it and do as Zanda says.
Marta Kalēja Irbe
Marta is not only a fitness trainer, but also a dancer and a former coach of the cheerleading team of the University of Latvia. The above description precisely characterises the energy in the sessions conducted by Marta. Real and dynamic work, as well as a challenge during each session, which enables you to become your own greatest fan. During private sessions, upon assessing the customer and the need to strengthen particular muscle groups, Marta develops a programme to ensure well-being and enjoyment of both the results, and also the journey towards them.
Anna Vasiļjeva
Every training session with Anna is full of small victories. Whether it’s high intensity training session or a harmonious body&mind, Anna will motivate you to do more and try something new. Results and progress come when you rely on your coach, and Anna can become your support on the way to your large victory.
Jekaterina Sidorova
Jekaterina is a guru of weight loss and firm butts. If you do not believe that people can change, you need to reserve some time with Jekaterina. She is a nutrition specialist, and she knows that 80% of good physical shape is reached by observing your individual menu. The remaining 20% is squats, squats and squats.
Anda Radziņa
Anda is a nutritionist and a coach with 25 years of experience. Dance is her form of expression, but her clients get sweaty, as well as receive a cortisol and dopamine hit through exercising. Strength exercise for endurance, aerobic - for a well-trained heart. She motivates with a smile and tackles things seriously, but in a light way. If you need to get down to business, the only day to start is today.
Mārtiņš Sils
Mārtiņš is a fitness evangelist, who strives for the maximum and purposefully guides his clients towards success. It is not without reason that Mārtiņš was once a sports teacher. He draws inspiration from outstanding athletes of the world and their training techniques. He has found a golden combination between strength triathlon, body building and street gymnastics for himself. Mārtiņš uses specific guidelines to develop programmes for his clients; he exercises discipline and works persistently to achieve the result. Sports becomes an easily maintained habit, if you know your objective and your coach is uncompromising.
Natalja Zoricova
If something hurts while you are moving, you should slow down and listen in to it. Natalja helps in understanding problem areas of your body and developing movement patterns to train and relieve muscles. She works individually by adapting to the pace, capacities and objectives of the client to relieve back pain, hurting knees and discomfort in the body. The body gives you hints if you slow down and listen to yourself, as the problem is not always where it hurts.
Elīna Vanaga
Elina is a fitness and functional yoga trainer and currently also studies the only health and fitness coaching programme in the world, GIRLS GONE STRONG, which is specifically developed to help women in different stages of life - both to return to physical activities and become stronger physically and mentally. During the training sessions with Elina you will develop better and deeper relationships with yourself through movement as awareness practice, and improve your quality of life. The approach of Elina is functional yoga for mobility in combination with strength training, breathing exercises and meditation.